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Cultural Review and Testing

Catch mistakes or missteps before they happen!

Every project is treated as if our livelihood depends on it. After thorough pre-production analysis of the material, we meticulously match the right linguistic resources to the material and align a team of knowledgeable linguists who will continue to work with you over time. The result is better understanding and comprehension, edited and tuned to your organization's needs.

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Cultural review is done to ensure no component of your media, imagery, text or messaging is problematic –  that it will not be either offensive or misunderstood - for the intended audience. While any feedback is welcome, the goal is to verify that your products will not cause misunderstandings or offense.

This service is especially useful and important for visual media, including video, web pages, audio, or designed layouts. Colors, images, and formatting, and font choice all effect how text and material is interpreted. If you are working with commercials, corporate training video or other media that has actors, their presentation and body language is a critical component of our review.

A standard review starts with a customization of our survey form for your particular project and needs. A team of participants is then assembled in each market that exemplifies the target end-users of your project or service. We can assemble these teams in very targeted micro-locales or have regional representation depending on your geographical requirements.

We can assemble these teams in nearly any country, micro-market, and for and all languages through the use of our extensive database of in-market specialists.

Our in-house team of multicultural marketing and research experts will then collate the material and present a comprehensive document that outlines the key findings and recommended changes. Our process is streamlined to ensure quick turn-around and effective communication.

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