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Desktop publishing or typesetting is a critical step in a document translation project, and one that gives the final look and feel to the newly translated and adapted materials. Some would argue that the quality of the layout rivals the translation quality, as a small layout or typographical mistake may have a powerful impact on how the end user perceives the materials and brand. This is even more so in the case of high-profile materials such as marketing communications, advertising, or packaging.


There are other considerations beyond branding that formatting can affect, too, including using improper punctuation symbols, units, or not including elements required for a given market’s regulatory approval process. As with medial forms, data sheets, medical device or pharmaceutical product documentation, errors can lead to massive recalls or even legal consequences. Formatting and desktop publishing is an important aspect of any document project and with multiple rounds of quality assurance and master formatters of nearly every formatting program on the market, we ensure accurate deliveries.



Supported Formats

  • Adobe® FrameMaker®

  • Adobe® Photoshop®

  • Adobe® Illustrator®

  • Adobe® InDesign®

  • Adobe® Acrobat®

  • Enfocus PitStop

  • QuarkXPress®

  • CorelDRAW®

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher)


Supported Languages

We haven't come across one that we can't support, though there have been many projects or source file formats that have presented challenges. Whether right-to-left languages, like Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, or Azerbaijani, or vertically written right-to-left format, as in traditionally-formatted Japanese, we can accommodate you and will assist in pre-production phases to ensure success and an on-time, on-budget final delivery.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama
  • Multiple QA rounds ensure accuracy in all languages

  • DTP specialists for each language family

  • Turnkey printing services combine localization and final printing

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