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Onda has assisted in the build and customization process for machine translation engines for several domains and uses. We’ve partnered with two of the leading technology developers and cultivated a strong internal program to compliment the process with human linguistic training and testing.

The projects we’ve consulted on and built are capable of handling complex technical terminology as well as company and industry specific style and deliver consistently accurate, high volume output across a range of different languages. By combining a customized machine translation engine with human post-editing by skilled linguists, Onda enables your business to deliver large volumes of complex multilingual content significantly quicker and at a fraction of the cost of a human only approach.

As social networking and user-generated content plays a greater role in everyday life, connecting with your customers has never been easier.  But the technical challenges and costs of translating this constant content stream can be a deterrent. In situations like these, Onda offers a solution that allows automated comprehension or “gisting” translation of content that is acceptable for electronic bulletin boards, customer service, or other social media types.

Onda’s engineers can work with your developers or IT teams to design, build, and integrate automated language support with your local or enterprise systems so your organization can better communicate with internal staff as well as with potential and existing clients all over the world. Our experience with machine translation with precision technical information, content discovery and search, and semi-grammatical conversational content means we have a solution for nearly every application.

As you prepare for the next step and gear-up to ride the information superhighway globally with instantly translated content, call Onda for your customized machine translation development and

post-editing needs.

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  • Custom Machine Translation Engines

  • MT Post-Editing

  • Enterprise MT Integration

  • Dynamic and User-Generated Content Solutions

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