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Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

Every project is treated as if our livelihood depends on it. After thorough pre-production analysis of the material, we meticulously match the right linguistic resources to the material and align a team of knowledgeable linguists who will continue to work with you over time. The result is better understanding and comprehension, edited and tuned to your organization's needs.

Multilingual SEO is the core of any global search marketing campaign. For global giants Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, as well as individual market leaders Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Seznam, Eniro, and others, is the organic search mechanism we use for searches. SEO is the process used to improve rankings and positioning in the Search Engine Results Pages, called SERPS.

International and multilingual SEO is very complex as it often involves adaptation of your existing campaigns with the addition of new elements, both language and locale-specific to ensure the search engine “spiders” find the important content.

Onda’s Multilingual SEO program is meant to ensure web properties have optimal viability in the global search engines by ensuring all appropriate website components are included and optimized for superior results in the chosen/target category.

Locale-Specific Term Research & Keyword Research in any language

Having the correct Keywords is the foundation of SEO.  By performing a systematic assessment of proposed or existing keywords adapted for new target languages, Onda can assess their usage, popularity, and demand for these words or phrases. The delivered report can then be used to make decisions on which terms are important and which should be left out.

Search engine input can differ by both market and language, with keywords, syntax and content changing. Once identified, these patterns can be included into our client’s website content or metadata for increased search traffic.

As each country and language has different search patterns and search terms, successful International SEO requires detailed research into end-user (consumer) behavior and language use in each relevant locale.

  • Keywords and SEO optimization

  • Pay-Per-Click

  • Social Media and Peer love

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