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Every project is treated as if our livelihood depends on it. After thorough pre-production analysis of the material, we meticulously match the right linguistic resources to the material and align a team of knowledgeable linguists who will continue to work with you over time. The result is better understanding and comprehension, edited and tuned to your organization's needs.

Onda Global provides studio recordings for commercials, audio presentations, software, websites, TV shows, documentaries, games, mobile apps, and corporate presentations. Choose from dozens of voice talent options and let us go to work on your narration, commentary or voice animation.

Our multimedia production managers oversee each component of the process to ensure our demanding quality standards are met and top-quality media is produced.  From transcription, to in-country translation, recording, mastering, and syncing with the video, our team and proven process is behind every step. Our audio engineers are experienced personnel that are familiar with all aspects of the process, from recording and oversampling to special effects and text-track encoding for non-western languages.


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The original voice and soundtrack is played at full volume for a short time before the voiceover foreign language is faded into the track. The re-mastered audio will have the correct tonal levels and balance to compliment the expertly time-synced voice to the video playback.

Narration style is often used when the speaker or narrator is shown on screen, such as a speech or lecture, long-answer documentary, corporate or government training videos, or corporate marketing media. This format is more economical than lip-sync and the foreign language stays more true to the original since there is more flexibility in timing and the actual speaker is still heard at points in the video.

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  • Thousands of voice talent options across dozens of languages

  • Professional studios with top quality mics and equipment

  • Audio engineers and editors with years of experience

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