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Retain your brand identity and values across a global audience

Every project is treated as if our livelihood depends on it. After thorough pre-production analysis of the material, we meticulously match the right linguistic resources to the material and align a team of knowledgeable linguists who will continue to work with you over time. The result is better understanding and comprehension, edited and tuned to your organization's needs.

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Onda Global is a trusted and proven provider of comprehensive website translation and cultural adaptation services. Also known as website globalization or website localization, this service is for companies who want to make their websites available in any language and market.

We can work with small WordPress or Joomla sites, or large, multifaceted workflow-driven CMS systems employed by larger organizations. Onda will work in parallel with your design, authoring, and development group to ensure cultural relevancy and acceptance in the languages and locales you are targeting. Onda will also perform functional testing to ensure your site displays and works correctly in any market.

  • Copywriting and localization of all user interface, graphics, multimedia and documentation

  • Translation Memory and CAT tools employed for consistency and quality of corpus content

  • Adaptable to various web publishing workflows and scenarios

  • Collaborative platform for review and interaction of in-country resources

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